Te‚Äčll me and
I forget;
Show me and
I will remember;
Involve me and
I will understand

Illustration by Felicita Sala
Defusing and Debriefing

Defusing is provided, depending upon my availability, as soon as possible on an as needs basis to

  • provide immediate personal support
  • terminate the incident psychologically
  • bring the experience of the incident to a conclusion
  • create opportunity to express immediate concerns
  • clarify what is possible in relation to the events or actions involved.

Debriefing is provided at short notice, by appointment, on an as needs basis to invite and listen to

  • recap a sequence of events before, during and after an incident
  • reflect on possible causes and repercussions of the incident
  • incident related experiences
  • ripple effect of experiences
  • evaluate and manage reactions to incident

Defusing and debriefing start as needed and finish at a prearranged time. Follow-up sessions may be held to complete debriefing.

In one or maybe two appointments I assist you to integrate the incident into your sense of self and your self perception as a Practitioner.

Please contact me if you would like discuss defusing or debriefing with me.

The About page has more about the HDR approach to Professional Development in general.

The About Margaret page has more about my relevant experience, qualifications and accreditations.

Defusing and Debriefing